Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

On Saturday, October 7, 2022, Mellie called me and, during our conversation, asked if I would be willing to act as her “scribe” once again. I readily agreed. The foregoing is the result of the transcription of her thoughts. She was very effected by her own words as she discussed her heart-felt feelings towards all those she considers her friends —SHE WAS JOYFUL. On a personal note, I want to say that Mellie considered everyone she met as her dearest friend from the very first moment. For those she is closest to, she has always had kind and supportive words and I have never heard her support anything to the contrary even if another of her dear friends had some small grievance against another. Her outlook has always been for the greater good and I believe is an expression of her highest Self in action. It would be a great injustice to her to think otherwise. Her dedication to her inner ideals has only been limited by circumstances— circumstances she has valiantly tried to overcome against all odds as several of us know full well. Let us honor her in our thoughts and hearts while she is yet with us. She truly loves each and every one of us and this will never change.

Most sincerely,
Mellie’s scribe, Peggy


By the grace of God, good karma, and the healing powers of our own great Archangel, Saint Raphael, God’s physician, I am experiencing a moment of clarity and reflection. This is not possible when under the effects of pain-deadening medication. This gift of clarity has given me a little more time to reflect on my life and particularly on all I have had the honor to meet throughout my life and time shared with you if only for a moment or two. I call you all my dear friends simply because you are and always have been from the moment I first met each and every one of you. In your own individual ways, you have graced my life and made it full of significance.

The greatest joys I’ve had in life have revolved around what I have seen as my duty: raising my children and at the same time finding my heart’s desire: to work for the Holy Ones as best I could and with a dedicated and determined heart. I recognize that my ways may not have been quite understood because I am so one-pointed. I, therefore, deeply appreciate your kindness in accepting me as I presented myself to you—in unveiled and honest appreciation of you, dear friends.

There is not one of you who does not understand how important we are to one another and to those we have never met. Each one of us (and all of us together) are part of the human family; we are in this life together and in all the lives that follow. While we may resist the word “brotherhood” for its apparent gender reference, nonetheless, we are not only an inseparable part of humanity but also of God’s “whole-ness”. We have a duty to work toward that realization in our own hearts so that we can better serve as examples to others. We needn’t be “religious” because even those who do not believe in God can appreciate—even love— humanity for humanity’s own sake and will work to save it from itself.

So, dear friends, always know you have ever been in my heart whether near or far away, that you have helped me understand the world better than I could ever have without you. It is my sincere and deepest belief that we will meet again in our next life for love knows no bounds—barriers cannot exist against it.

Until we meet again, I will keep you in my heart of heart always.


Mellie Brown

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