Oakland Theosophical Society | Forgotten Truths, a Talk by Tim Boyd
Listen to the talk Tim Boyd gave at the Rockridge Library in Oakland.
Tim Boyd, Theosophy
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Author: Peggy Heubel

Blavatsky and Olcott

17 Nov Founders Day – Nov. 17th

If Theosophy means more than simply an intellectual exercise, if the theosophical philosophy has brought meaning and a sense of purpose to our lives, and if we have come to understand what might be the cause of that subtle yet persistent attraction within us beyond our mind...

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25 Mar Speaker: Michael Gomes on HPB’s Esoteric Instructions (April 23, 2016)

HPB's Esoteric Instructions Toward the end of her life, H. P. Blavatsky wrote a series of Instructions for the students of her newly formed Esoteric School. These Instructions mark Mme. Blavatsky’s last effort as part of the centennial cycle to form a nucleus that could work through the Theosophical Society for the benefit of humanity.       WHAT...

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