Study Group – The Key to Theosophy – 2nd Sunday of the Month

Study Group – The Key to Theosophy – 2nd Sunday of the Month

The Key to Theosophy by Helena Petrovna Blavastsky

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Come join our regular Study Group which meets each Sunday of the month. The Key to Theosophy Study Group meets the second (2nd) Sunday of each month. We are moving through the book but don’t worry about coming in late, you have to start somewhere! Why not just jump in? Consider following us on Facebook (Theosophical Society of the East Bay aka Oakland Theosophical Society).

The Key to Theosophy is an 1889 book by Helena Blavatsky, expounding the principles of theosophy in a readable question-and-answer manner. It covers Theosophy and the Theosophical Society, Nature of the Human Being, Life After Death, Reincarnation, Kama-Loka and Devachan, the Human Mind, Practical Theosophy and the Mahatmas. The book is an introduction to Theosophical mysticism and esoteric doctrine. Nonviolent activist Mohandas Gandhi spoke of it in his autobiography:
“This book stimulated in me the desire to read books on Hinduism, and disabused me of the notion fostered by the missionaries that Hinduism was rife with superstition.”

Section 1: Theosophy and the Theosophical Society
The Meaning of the Name
The Policy of the Theosophical Society
The Wisdom-Religion Esoteric in all Ages
Theosophy is not Buddhism
Section 2: Exoteric and Esoteric Theosophy
What the Modern Theosophical Society is not
Theosophists and Members of the “T. S.”
The Difference between Theosophy and Occultism
The Difference between Theosophy and Spiritualism
Why is Theosophy accepted?
Section 3: The Working System of the T. S.
The Objects of the Society
The Common Origin of Man
Our other Objects
On the Sacredness of the Pledge
Section 4: The Relations of the Theosophical Society to Theosophy
On Self-Improvement
The Abstract and the Concrete
Section 5: The Fundamental Teachings of Theosophy
On God and Prayer
Is it Necessary to Pray?
Prayer Kills Self-Reliance
On the Source of the Human Soul
The Buddhist Teachings on the above
Section 6: Theosophical Teachings as to Nature and Man
The Unity of All in All
Evolution and Illusion
On the Septenary Constitution of our Planet
The Septenary Nature of Man
The Distinction between Soul and Spirit
The Greek Teachings
Section 7: On the Various Post-Mortem States
The Physical and the Spiritual Man
Our Eternal Reward and Punishment; and on Nirvana
On the Various “Principles” in Man
Section 8: On Re-Incarnation or Re-Birth
What is Memory according to Theosophical Teaching?
Why do we not Remember our Past Lives?
On Individuality and Personality
On the Reward and Punishment of the Ego
Section 9: On the Kama-Loka and Devachan
On the Fate of the Lower “Principles”
Why Theosophists do not believe in the Return of Pure “Spirits”
A few Words about the Skandhas
On Post-mortem and Post-natal Consciousness
What is really meant by Annihilation
Definite Words for Definite Things
Section 10: On the Nature of Our Thinking Principle
The Mystery of the Ego
The Complex Nature of Manas
The Doctrine is Taught in St. John’s Gospel
Section 11: On the Mysteries of Re-Incarnation
Periodical Re-births
What is Karma?
Who are Those who Know?
The Difference between Faith and Knowledge; or, Blind and Reasoned Faith
Has God the Right to Forgive?
Section 12: What Is Practical Theosophy?
The Relations of the T. S. to Political Reforms
On Self-Sacrifice
On Charity
Theosophy for the Masses
How Members can Help the Society
What a Theosophist ought not to do
Section 13: On the Misconceptions about the Theosophical Society
Theosophy and Asceticism
Theosophy and Marriage
Theosophy and Education
Why, then, is there so much Prejudice against the T. S.?
Is the Theosophical Society a Money-making Concern?
The Working Staff of the T. S.
Section 14: The “Theosophical Mahatmas”
Are They “Spirits of Light” or “Goblins Damn’d”?
The Abuse of Sacred Names and Terms
Conclusion: The Future of the Theosophical Society

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