Evolution of the Higher Consciousness

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About This Project
The first session of our new study group will be held Sunday, February 24th, from 2:45–3:45 (after the Hermetic Study Group meeting).  This first group meeting will be an introductory video by Pablo and Michele Sender.  Future group study will go no later than 4:15.
THE STUDY BOOK:  EVOLUTION OF THE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS – An In-depth Study into H. P. Blavatsky’s Teachings.
Pablo Sender’s newest book Evolution of the Higher Consciousness concerns “who we are, the meaning of life, and how we actualize our potential as human beings”.  He presents Blavatsky’s profound but frequently puzzling statements systematically and in clear, concise language.  He throws light on the nature of our spiritual essence, its evolutionary unfoldment, and the work that we can do in daily life to consciously participate in this cosmic journey.
The first part of the book examines the metaphysics and philosophy of the human constitution and consciousness.  It offers a modern and profound paradigm for understanding oneself and the purpose of life.  Study is participatory.  This is not a basic Theosophy class.  It is meant to challenge abstract and intuitive thinking that can lead toward deeper understanding not only of theosophical concepts but of our fundamental constitution at the highest levels of individual consciousness. 

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