Oakland Theosophical Society | Theosophy Fundamentals Class Beginning 05/16/15
Study, speakers, events, and resources by the Oakland Theosophical Society founded by Henry Steel Olcott on October 1st, 1898.
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Theosophy Fundamentals Class Beginning 05/16/15

15 May Theosophy Fundamentals Class Beginning 05/16/15

Tomorrow’s class discussion beginning at 10:30AM will involve an outline of HPB’s theosophical tenets drawn from the numbered-titled handouts from our binders:  “One Fundamental Law, Four Basic Ideas, Five Proven Facts,…, etc.”  The ideas presented in these papers were drawn from various theosophical sources wherein she attempted to explain inrelatively simple terms (for her great mind) esoteric concepts that were difficult for western minds to grasp.  Thus, this outline from these sources.
It will be distributed to those present at Saturday’s class (a few having previously received a copy).  If you haven’t read these papers, please do so.  If you need copies, I will be happy to email them as attachments.
“The deepest concern of thinking MAN must surely be with the nature of, and the relationship between, the three great factors, i.e., with MAN, his origins, his purpose, and his destiny; with GOD, not as an anthropomorphic deity but as the source of all life and being; and with the UNIVERSE, the environment in which the stupendous drama of evolution involving both divine and human is enacted.”  Found just after the Cover to Man, God, and the Universe, [Dr. I.K. Taimni, TPH, 1969]
Hope to see you there.
Peggy A Heubel, Secretary
Theosophical Society in Oakland
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